Thursday, August 6, 2009

All Great things must come to an end!

So it's August 6th and this is the last offical day of our internship! This as been an amazing ride! This internship has been one of those defining moments in ones life when they know that they have reached a place that has allowed them to grow into the person that they want to be. Our senior managment team was so very proud ever intern this year and we truly raised the bar for the next internship class, which YOU could be apart of. Mark truly is all about helping young women make thier "mark", and this summer has truly proven that!

As I said in my title- all great things must come to an end... i have been so blessed this summer. it has truly been a life changing experenice.. I will never be the same and I'm so thankful for this summer taking me into the next level of my life.

I loved all the interns and I'm excited to see that they had a great experience too! Everyone worked so hard and thier efforts have truly been noticed!

Taylor's Top Ten

If you're reading this, thank you for following our wonderful summer here at mark.!

Most of the interns have already presented their final presentations, but tomorrow at 10am I will be standing in the Mark Conference Room, nervously presenting my project. I have learned so much this summer and am so thankful for getting this opportunity! I know how limited the space was and that there were a lot of broken hearts who didn't get to join us this summer, but I only hope that if you were one of those, that you will apply again next summer! I had such a great time, inside and outside of the office, and I want all mark. girls to get the same experience!!!

Since I'm presenting in the morning, I won't be long, but I do want to share with you what my top experiences were as a mark. intern. It was such an honor to get to be a beauty and fashion intern so why not share with everyone else?!

They aren't in any order (there's no way I could decide) but they are definitely my personal favorites!

1. Britt Bardo Event

The PR Britt Bardo event at Sweetiepie in the West Village was so mark. and chic and fun! We got to see Britt's pieces she create for mark. and got great styling tips from Britt herself!

2. Dress for Success day

Our philanthropy day (actually last Thursday) was spent at the Dress For Success warehouse in Brooklyn. We got to sort through all the donated clothes to pick out the appropriate pieces that the organization can use. It was a great day, and to learn more about Dress for Success, go to

3. Firmenich trip

Our Firmenich trip was amazing too! They are a fragrance house that we use (Jewel, Bohista, one in the making :o)....) and we got to learn about how they work and learn about smelling scents.

7. Marie Claire

Marie Claire was earlier in the summer, and is another company that has a mark. intern working for them this summer. We got a full tour of the building they are in (Hearst tower!!) which was one of the best buildings I've seen here. We also got to here several speakers while there and learned about both the editorial side and advertising side of a WONDERFUL magazine!

8. Meeting Lauren Conrad

This day was great because we (interns) got to meet the girl that is the face of mark.! We can think that as reps we are the face, but ultimately it is Lauren who is the one in the spotlight and getting the media talking about her. Even though she didn't have but a few minutes to talk about us, it was very considerate of her to take time out of her schedule to let us come to her studio while she was doing live interviews!

9. CEW Event

This event is an annual event with the featured speaker being Leslie Blodgett, the creator of Bare Escentuals. It was basically a networking, social hour in the beginning, then all different types of women, business owners or not, sat in a banquet hall to listen to an interview and conversation with Leslie. She talked about everything from life to starting her company to giving advice to all women. It was very inspiring to see so many other women supporting the beauty industry!

10. Coffee with Claudia

Even though I have no pictures from Coffee with Claudia, it was still a favorite of mine. This is a monthly catch up for the whole mark. team to come together and listen to Claudia get everyone on the same page for a brief second :o) Working on this side of mark, not just as a rep, I saw that every single person that works here does a job that MULTIPLE people could do!! So seeing everyone come together in morning to hear Claudia and drink coffee was a great time to see mark. as a whole and not just from my marketing department view.

So that is my wonderful top 10 list of being a Summer 2009 mark. Intern. I hate narrowing it down because it seemed like I could say something interesting about every single day in the office!! But I hope you have a great feeling about mark. and this intership...and I hope you apply next summer :o)

For now I must sleep since I present my project tomorrow (yikes!!) but again, thank you for following us this summer - it's so great to have supporters and to share our experiences with everyone!

Love always,
Taylor Skidmore

PS..If you want more pictures of the summer, feel free to take a look at my personal blog as well

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dearest readers,
It's Hannah Parrish again. The Public Relations Intern here at mark. This has been the most amazing experience so far, I can't believe there are less than 3 weeks left!

The 4th of July was a few weeks ago but I'm still excited about the Macy's fireworks display. Here is the view from the Columbia rooftop. Beautiful.
I also went down to Strawberry Fields. It was an emotional experience. And Central Park is so beautiful. Check out Sheep's Meadow if you get the chance, it's lovely.
Additionally, Williamsburg has become my new favorite shopping location. And its oddly quiet there. Plus, Brooklyn has a great music scene. Here is a picture of the post-rain Brooklyn sky. Gorgeous.
In other news. I finally spotted Rob Pattinson. He was with Kristen Stewart at Terminal 5 at The Dead Weather concert. Kanye West and Jay-Z were also in attendance.
Love & Lipgloss,
Hannah Parrish

Friday, July 17, 2009

development, disney and desserts!

Hi everyone!

It’s Claire, the creative intern, and I just wanted to give a quick update about what has been going on with us at mark.

This has been another busy week, and I can’t believe the internship is almost over. Our big field trip this week was visiting the Avon Research and Development facility in Suffern, NY. After an interesting time navigating the trains, we all finally made it to the Avon facility. While there, we heard from a couple speakers about product development and about what goes on in the building.

Later, we got to tour the facility…it was so cool! They showed us where they make products, where they store all their different product shades, and how they test each product to make sure it’s the best it can be for consumers. I was impressed by how much attention to detail there is at Avon and it was really interesting to see everything a product goes through before it is available for purchase. To the right is a picture of the mark. interns (plus Janet and Dawn!) on the red lip couch that is in the building.

We have also been doing lots of fun things outside of work. After touring the Research and Development facility, I went with my roommate Taylor (the marketing intern) to see the Broadway production of The Little Mermaid. It was so fun and I am really glad we were able to go see it.

Also, if you’re ever in NYC and need something sweet, I highly recommend Serendipity 3. You might have to wait a while to get a table, but they have amazing ice cream sundaes. Their frozen hot chocolates are also delicious. I got a Forbidden Broadway Sundae the other night…it was pretty much the most amazing thing ever! Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and chocolate chips. Luckily, I had lots of help eating it :) Here is a picture of my sundae:

Hey lovely mark. ladies!!

I hope you have enjoyed our updates about the internship so far! We have all learned so much more about mark. and have really been encouraged recently to recruit more reps and makes those sales. If you are a current mark. customer (or even just a follower of mark.) I really hope I can encourage you to try a few mark. products to see how you like them, and hopefully even sign up to be a rep! It's an extremely low price for a great lifetime investment and a WONDERFUL resume builder!! And if you are a rep and don't have mark. on your resume, I highly recommend you add it asap for such a great benefit for yourself.

With that little soap box aside :o) here are a few impressions where mark. has been mentioned!

This is a WHOLE page from Oprah's magazine!

Teen Vogue

Everyday With Rachel Ray

Teen Vogue

Glamour Beauty - website

Editor's Choice - CPC Packaging

Editor's Choice - CPC Packaging

Featuring Gayle Boye - Bottom left

Seventeen Magazine


If you have your own blog or other tool that you use for selling mark., please feel free to save these pictures and use them yourself - even printing them off and creating a media binder for showing pontential customers is a great way to get our brand out there!!

For now, I must get back to being a mark.eter here in the office :o) but I hope you've enjoyed the update and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Love, Taylor Skidmore

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey Girls!
I'm Alison Jones, the marketing intern for skincare and color at mark. Here I am at my desk hard at work, obviously!

I just wanted to announce that COMING SOON to the blog is our very first VIDEO blog!
In the meantime, sign up to be a mark. Rep like us! <3

Love & m.powerment,


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

field trip time!

Hey everyone! I'm Claire, the creative intern here at mark. We have been so busy this past week or so, and today was no different. This morning, all of the interns had the chance to visit Kaplow, a PR firm that works with mark. We were greeted by a welcome sign, gift bags and plenty of doughnut holes for breakfast, so it was a great start to the morning!

We had a brief introduction by one of the Kaplow interns (and previous mark. intern), Lauren, and then Liz Kaplow herself came to say hi and talk to us a little bit about what she does. Then, we had a presentation about what Kaplow is working on with mark. I was so amazed at how they are able to form relationships with different media outlets and editors, and create such a great buzz about mark.

Then we had three presentations from people working at Kaplow with clients other than mark. We heard about what they are doing with Skype, CafePress, and Target. We also got to meet a very special guest, Jorge Ramon, celebrity stylist. He also spent many years styling for TeenPeople. You can also catch him on TLC's show, 10 Years Younger and he occasionally pops up on entertainment/celebrity shows. He was very nice and even gave us some fashion pointers! Below is a picture of all the interns with Jorge.

Besides getting to go to work at an amazing place every day, and going on fabulous field trips, all of the interns are really enjoying getting to know New York City. This past weekend, I was finally able to visit the American Girl Place on 5th Avenue. Now, I haven't played with dolls in a very long time, and I was definetely one of the oldest people there, but it was so cool to see all the dolls and their little accessories and clothes! I also went with a couple other interns last night to Century 21, a huge discount department store. We got some really cute stuff and saved a lot of money!

We are also enjoying the warmer weather that we've had since the weekend. It's a very nice change from all the rain, but I still carry my umbrella with me everywhere I go, just in case! Hopefully the rain will hold off until after July 4 so that we can see some fireworks!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Halfway Hookup

Hey guys,

My name is Hanna, and no, I'm not kidding- there are three of us. This summer, it’s my job to help mark team up with some of the hottest celebs, stylists and makeup artists in the industry as the Alliance intern. Hey, it beats scooping ice cream in New Hampshire all summer, right?

As we plow head-on into the “over the hump” halfway point of our internship, I am super pumped for this upcoming week! Not only do I get to celebrate my 20th birthday and (four year anniversary with mark!) with the entire intern crew, but we are heading off tonight for round two of Gabrielle Bernstein time. At 7:00 p.m., the girls and I are attending motivational speaker turned author’s workshop on “mirroring.” Tonight she will explain (and give us the Readers Digest version) of the anciently rooted Law of Attraction. The workshop is centered around the power of positive energy. Come on guys, it’s time for us to get hip to the idea that what we see in ourselves is what we will get out of the world around us. And although quantum physics is not my area of expertise, nor is it part of my job description, I think this stuff is pretty cool! Gabrielle is one hooked-up woman making her mark! ;)
*Gabrielle beams in her profile picture featured on her booming social network site,
In this economy (ah, why does everything always comes back to the dreaded “economy” reference) we are all watching our wallets. Whether you’re packing a lunch, carpooling or opting for DIY mani/pedi’s, it’s time to get serious about where we spend our money. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now, only so I can let you in on a little treasure some of the interns and I uncovered in Brooklyn on one of our “adventure” days off!
Enter: Beacon’s Closet. Think a 60s inspired vintage shop with an indie New York feel with a splash of Chanel thrown in. We discovered this thrifty find on our way into the borough, only to be greeted with storm brewing rainclouds. But I must say, maybe the silver lining was the $12.00 authentic Louis Vuitton bangle Claire, the creative intern, snatched up or the next to nothing Rock and Republic jeans outfitting the “sale” rack! Here’s a peek into my new favorite hotspot!

Friday, June 26, 2009

End of the 4th week...already.

Hey! I'm Hanna Uhling and I'm interning here at mark. this summer. I am in product development and have a fabulous mentor, as do we all. This week was amazing as Hannah P. has already stated in her blog. Last night I had the privilege to meet up with some of my cousins friends to talk about all of the amazing things to do in the city. Although we are here for a total of 10 weeks, 4 have already flew by and many of us are realizing we only have a limited amount of time here in the city. So fortunately, we now have a lot of fun ideas on all the events we must attend before leaving here in August.

As for outside of the internship, all of us enjoy going to local sushi restraunts, shopping, and of course exploring New York City. So far we have all had a wonderful experience here and are treated as if we are part of the mark. team. Tonight Robbie and I are going to "The Slip" concert. ---Listen to the song 'even rats,' it's the best. :) Should be a ton of fun though. We are quite excited. We will be making an appearance at the local PinkBerry shop for some FREE frozen yogert tonight. They are introducing new flavors so we might be there for awhile, knowing us.

Thats about all I have for now. :) 4th weekend will hopefully be a sucess in NYC. Not sure how it wouldn't be!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Greetings and salutations,

I am Hannah Parrish the Public Relations intern at mark this summer.

That's me (in the yellow), hard at work with the fabulous Paige.

Here is a picture of the mark lobby:

Isn't it adorable?

I love Wednesday's a mark because we have "Making Their Mark" lunches with some super rad, inspiring, and empowering women. We have already had the opportunity to meet with Gabrielle Bernstein (Motivational Speaker extraordinaire), Eva Chen (Beauty Editor for Teen Vogue), Meredith Kahn (Designer/Owner of Made Her Think Jewelry), and today we are meeting with Polly Blitzer (Editor of This internship has already provided me with more than I could have ever imagined.

Who would have thought that signing up to be a mark representative would have brought me a fabulous summer internship in NYC?

And mark is throwing me in full force. Yesterday was the launch event for the debut fashion collection designed by celebrity stylist, Britt Bardo. Britt has styled celebs Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Maggie Gyllenhal, and Hillary Duff. Her mark fashion line will debut in October 2009. (Be on the look out for these fashion essentials!) Here is a picture from the event and an exclusive sneak peak at the pieces Britt designed for mark!

Life in NYC is pretty exciting. This city is always moving and there are an endless variety of things to do. Weekends in the city are what I like to refer to as "exploring time." This basically consists of walking around as much of the city our legs and feet will allow us to. (We are also making good use of our Metro Cards).

On the subway with Taylor Skidmore (Marketing Intern), Claire Artelt (Creative Intern), Me (Hannah Parrish, Public Relations Intern), and Rachel Martino (Online Intern).

Stay tuned for more updates from the mark Summer 2009 interns.

Love and lip gloss,

Hannah Parrish

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 3 Update!!

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor and I'm one of the marketing interns here at mark.!

I hope if you're reading this then you will also share it with other girls who are interested in next summer's internship :o) We have had a great time so far, and since it's my day to blog, I want to update everyone on our busy week from last week.

Starting on Tuesday, we had the chance to visit Marie Claire (the magazine) because one of our interns is co-working with mark. and Marie Claire, but she is actually at MC's office. So after working most of the day, we got off a few hours early and walked over to the Hearst Building where most of the magazines are officed. It was a great experience because we got to see a presentation and hear from several employees from MC about their business and what they personally do!

Since I'm a marketing major at Texas Tech, and the marketing intern :o) this visit opened my eyes to new opportunitues and ideas as to what I might want to go into after I graduate!

Here are a few pictures from our visit:

This is our whole group of interns, plus Dawn and two of the "graduate" interns from last summer - we are in one of the conference rooms in the Hearst Building!

This is the Marie Claire floor!

We also got a tour of the whole building, and got to go to the Good Housekeeping Research floor - this is where people are actually paid to use products to see if they work how they claim to work. There was so many rooms of different people working - washing clothes, vaccuuming, cooking, testing objects, etc

After our "field trip" to Marie Claire on Tuessday, we then had the opportunity on Wednesday night to attend the CEW event after work. This is the Corporate Executive Women annual event, that is held by a panel of women who do various things throughout the year. This particular event was a live interview of Leslie Blodgett, the creator and CEO of Bare Escentuals. It was another great opportunity because before the interview, there was an hour designated just for networking among hundreds of individuals, particularly women :o)

Here are a few pictures of Wednesday:

During the day, we surprised Hannah P. (1 of 3!) for her 20th birthday! These cupcakes were ordered from Crumbs (if you ever get the chance to eat here, do it!)

This is after work at the CEW event. After the mingling/networking hour, we went up to a bigger room and watched the interview of Leslie...the woman on the right of the stage

Some of us sitting at the event! From the left, there is Ashley S., Hanna T., Kristiauna, me, and Lauren (another "graduate" intern who is at Kaplow working with mark.)

A close up of Leslie!

Once Thursday came, I couldn't believe how fast the week had flown by! We were actually supposed to meet Lauren Conrad on this day, but because of her schedule and book signings, it got moved until Friday morning.

So Friday, we got to work at normal time, then at 11 we left to walk to Lauren's studio that she was doing live interviews at.

Here is a picture of us and Lauren:

And these pictures are of once we were back in the office, we had to help PR open hundreds of hook-ups for the Brit Bardo event this I had fun with my new camera

I hope everyone feels filled in with how our time here is going! I know that for me it had flown by :o( This week should also be another pretty busy week, so hopefully more pictures will be up soon!

Let us know if anyone has any questions and we'll love to talk about our experiences here

Love from the mark. office,

Taylor and the rest of the 2009 interns